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Sex with Dr. Jess

The Morning Show


Every Tuesday, Jess joins Jeff McArthur on The Morning Show to discuss this week’s latest research and news related to love, relationships, and sex.

Coping With the Stress of Vacationing as a Couple

Why Do Couples Bicker At Ikea?

Playboy is Returning to It’s Roots

How to Have a Frugal but Meaningful Valentine’s Day

How Millennials Are Changing the Dating Scene

Dr. Jess Visits Global Halifax to Chat About The Everything to do With Sex Show and the New Rules of Dating

Jess Lists Her Most Romantic Movie Scenes of All Time

Dr. Jess Shares the Local Weather Forecast on Global News Morning Montreal!

Dr. Jess & Laura Casella Taste Some Good Eats from Foxy Restaurant!

Jay Walker joins Dr. Jess and Kim Sullivan to Tell Us What’s Going on in Montreal this Weekend

Dr. Jess Shares a Few Words of Wisdom with Global News Morning Montreal!

Dr. Jess & Mikey Singer join Global News Morning Montreal!

Is Your Relationship Like a Rom Com?

Keeping Your Relationships Jolly During the Holidays

Why Canadians Over 45 Are Now At Risk for STIs

Secrets to a Happy Sex Life

Is Your Long-Term Relationship Killing Your Sex Life?

Dr. Jess Stopped by Global Edmonton!

Women’s Reproductive Rights Under President Trump

Five Relationship-Killing Conversations

How to Cope With Infidelity

What’s the Deal With Male Birth Control?

Should Prescription Birth Control Be Free in Canada?

How the Colour of Your Room Affects Your Sex Drive

Does Sex Education Need Worldwide Reform?

Are Beer Goggles Real?

Can You Find True Love on a Reality Show?

Pornography in Relationships

My Take on the Latest Anthony Weiner Allegations 

Getting Over a Breakup

Should You Stay Friends With Your Ex?

Do Nice Guys Always Finish Last? Think Again!

The Physical Toll of Arguments

An 8th Grader’s “Relationship Contract” Has Gone Viral

Why Teens Are Having Less Sex Than Ever Before 

Staying Faithful in Monogamous Relationships 

How Often Do Newly Married Couples Have Sex?

Women’s Health Trends

Maintaining Close Friends

Kirk Cameron’s Controversial Remarks on Marriage

The Truth About Monogamous Relationships

Making Friends is Harder When You Get Older

Do Open Marriages Work?

What to Look For in a Man

Do Love and Money Mix?

Long-Term Relationships and Fighting

The Science Behind Attraction

Marriages Are Changing

Why Old Clichés Like ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life’ Might Be Hurting Your Marriage

Long Lasting Relationships

Listening to Music While Having Sex

The Cost of Love is Skyrocketing

Date Night and Same-Sex Marriage Pressure

Tips to Revolutionize Your Relationship

Social Media and Relationships

Relationships and Sexual Satisfaction

Holiday Survival Tips

Who Has More Friends? Men or Women?

Why Divorce Rates are Dropping?

Dr. Jess on Porn Addiction

The National Enquirer’s Story On Charlie Sheen’s HIV Status Endangers Public Health

Are All Women Lesbian or Bisexual?

Should We Be Having More or Less Sex?

What’s the Most Important Thing You Can Say to Your Spouse?

Sex Over Survival

Sexual Arousal May Lead To Risky Business

Are Rates of STIs Higher for Monogamous or Non-Monogamous Couples?

Couples Who Work Together Stay Together

Are Men Less Attracted to Smart Women?

How Friends Affect Your GPA & How Testosterone Affects Communication

What’s More Important Than Your Photo in Your Online Dating Profile?

Dr. Jess on Global TV

What Percentage of Adults are Sexting?

Friendship – Do Opposites Attract?

Good Marriage Advice from Jada & Will Smith

Couples Who Gush on Facebook More Likely To Last

Tips For a Happy and Romantic Vacation

Dog Owners Make Great Partners

Who’s the More Romantic Gender, Men or Women?

The Marriage Trap

Happy Endings Lead to Bad Decisions

Can Your Relationship Affect Your Work Life?

Does Love at First Sight Actually Exist?

VIDEO: How does your hometown affect your chances of marriage?

Is Today’s Hook-Up Culture All Talk?

VIDEO: Tiger & Lindsey Break Up. How Can Busy Couples Make It Work?

Managing Money in Your Marriage

Can We Learn Anything From TV Couples?

How Often Do Happy Married Couples Have Sex?

What Your Facebook Says About Your Relationship

VIDEO: Why do women have casual sex?

Sexy Times During the Holidays: Dr. Jess on The Morning Show

Technology’s impact on relationships: Dr. Jess on The Morning Show

VIDEO: Reducing Risk of Divorce

Dr. Jess on Global TV’s The Morning Show

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