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Sex with Dr. Jess

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Every Wednesday, Jess joins Fred and Mel on The Fearless Fred Show to discuss the latest trending topics related to love, relationships and sex.

Sleeping and Sex

Talking Nipples

1 Hour Sex Toy Delivery and Holiday Gifts

How Often Should Couples Be Having Sex?

Methods to Help Get Pregnant 

Foods for Aphrodisiacs 

Do Penis Pills Really Work?

90-Day Sex Fast

Types of Pornography 

Playboy Eliminating Nude Photos 


Eating Before a Date 


Men’s Attitude Towards Porn

Humour in a Relationship 

Dealing with Roommates 

Frosh Week and Paternity Tests

Millennial Females are Having More Orgasms 

Does Sex Still Sell?

Vagina Pageants 

Space Sex 

Whisky Affects Women and Men in Bed

Penis Transplants

Mel’s Sexy Dream 

Anxiety in the Bedroom 

Women Crave Domination 

Reigniting the Spark 

Tinder: The Revolution of Online Dating Apps 

Changes to the Ontario Sex Education Curriculum 

Happy Couples Have More Sex 

Daydreaming & Sexual Fantasies 

Menstruation Facts & Myths 

Hangovers & Sex 

Couples on Social Media 

Couples Who Stay in are Happier 

Diet Changes to Increase Your Libido 



Breast Reductions 

Men vs. Women: The Act of Cheating 

Sexy Halloween Costumes

The Stork 

Vagina Facts

Making Time for Intimacy With Your Partner

Sex Talk With Your Partner