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Sex with Dr. Jess


November 9, 2021

Sex, Wellness & Aging

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Jess recently contributed to The Aging Games program hosted by Lynn Hardy, ND, CNC. 

Not your average or traditional anti-aging advice, this video program consists of 22 videos covering topics like nutrition, exercise, skin care, sexuality and much more.

Check out the interview with Lynn below, and if you’re interested in exploring the program, you can save $50 when you click on the link here.

Q: Tell us about yourself and why you decided to launch the Aging Games.

Lynn: The idea came about after the success of my book, The Aging Games: How to Come out a Winner. I realized that, with the book, I only gave a small taste of some key concepts related to healthy aging, and I wanted to go much deeper into specific areas, such as sexuality, exercise, hormones, and more. That’s where the idea of a comprehensive age-defying video program came about. But rather than having all the videos based on my knowledge and experience, I decided to bring together the top anti-aging experts in different fields.

Q: What do people get wrong about aging?


Lynn: I believe; that the main thing people get wrong about aging – is the idea that we only age on the outside and that some magic cream or pill can stop the whole process. Anti-aging needs a holistic approach and, in my experience, those who look after their bodies and souls on the inside will remain youthful and energetic for so much longer. A healthy, balanced person will always have an amazing outer glow.

Why did you opt to include sexuality as one of the key topics in the program?

I believe that sexuality plays a huge part in healthy aging. It’s crucial for hormonal health, especially during menopause and perimenopause, when our hormones are changing. Sexuality is also important for the human connection and for the release of feel-good hormones – all of which are crucial for slowing down the aging process. I think that this is often overlooked as people get older and it becomes “normal;” to not want or have sex anymore. But I don’t think there’s anything “normal” about that at all. I look at my parents, who are the picture of health and still enjoying a healthy sex life well into their 70s. How’s that for motivation?

What other topics are included/What will participants learn/takeaway from the program?

First, we cover the basics, such as fitness, nutrition, digestive health, hormones, and the importance of self-love and acceptance as we’re aging.

Next, we get into some ancient wisdom from Chinese Medicine, where aging is seen in a very positive light and called “the second spring.”

Then we get into the importance of sexual health with Dr. Jess and some more advanced concepts such as deuterium depletion, auto-immune issues, and APK activation.

These might sound daunting at first but, they play an important, role in slowing down the aging process and are not part of the traditional anti-aging advice you’d normally get.

sheggeor-laker-5frMHnKrx1E-unsplashNext, Dr. Melinda shares with us the latest cosmetic treatments and Zofia teaches us the importance of facial exercises, for those looking for natural solutions. I wanted this program to be balanced, so I felt it was important to show both sides. It’s OK to age naturally, and it’s also OK to have treatments that make you feel better about yourself.

And finally, we get to the practical part of the program, which includes a video from Britta, our acupuncturist, who shows us how to make some anti-aging remedies. Lisa, our fitness expert, gives us a whole exercise program; consisting of 5 exercise videos that are; suitable for everyone at every level. And will transform their entire body. We also have 4 videos from Zofia showing us all the latest Facial Yoga exercises for toning the facial muscles and erasing wrinkles. 22 videos in total! It is the most comprehensive age-defying program out there.

What did you personally learn from some of the experts in the program? (2-3 takeaways that might have surprised you)

  1. What a huge part gut health plays in weight loss, hormones, and healthy aging.
  2. That sex gets better with age.
  3. Estrogen dominance can suppress thyroid function and slow our metabolism.
  4. We are not overweight but under-muscled.
  5. How inflammation can speed up aging and what to do about it.

For more information on the Age-Defying Video Program click here.

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