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Sex with Dr. Jess


October 13, 2021

Sensation Play: 5 Simple Techniques

Woohoo! My friends at Astroglide have launched a new tingly product…Quiver lube. To celebrate, they’ve brought you this quickie post on how to incorporate sensation play into your bedroom routine.

Sensation play evokes the senses and may include experimentation with different textures, temperatures, aromas, sounds, sights, lighting levels, flavours and moisture levels. Even small adjustments to one of your five senses can have enormous impact on your sexual response, so try one of these on for size:

Feather tickle: Use the soft tip of a feather or makeup brush to brush the skin with the lightest of touch and create pleasant yearning sensations as well as teasing tickles. Try it with lube and see how the sensations change. Alternate between the soft bristles and the sharp pointed end to balance soft pleasure with firmer touch to keep your partner guessing.

Play with audial overwhelm: Set the scene with loud music that evokes the feelings you associate with pleasure and arousal. Pick a triumphant symphony if you’re turned on by excitement and power. Or opt for rhythm and blues if your hips are inspired by the beat. Overwhelming your sense of sound with an intense volume level can help to drown out distractions and encourage you to feel the music within your body for heightened sensations.

Rough Caress: Play with the stubble on your legs or face or use an emery board to alternate between soft kisses and scratchy, but tender, strokes across their body. Of course, adding a few drops of lube can change the sensations altogether, so experiment and see what feels good for you.

Hot wax: Hot wax can produce a broad array of new sensations ranging from soft and warming to jarring and tingling. Use q-tips, eye droppers, brushes or your fingertips to apply wax to your lover’s lascivious body avoiding any thin skin, cuts, or membranes. Dripping it on can create a sexy visual and the wax will cool as it drops, so increase your distance to reduce the heat.

Cool it off: Awaken their nerve endings by licking a line down their spine (or using a finger dipped in lube) and then breathing warm air over the path with a wide-open mouth. Create a stark contrast by following up with an ice cube applied directly to the skin or used to trickle cold drops down their back as their skin erupts in goosebumps.

The possibilities for sensation play are endless. Blindfolds, earplugs and nose plugs are simply sensory deprivation devices that heighten the other senses and transform a lover’s interpretation and experience of pleasure.

Props and tools for sensation play are also widely varied. To stimulate the sense of touch, you can use anything from fur, feathers, silk, satin and cotton balls to leather, hot wax, water, ice cubes, jello and pudding against the skin.

Sounds can vary from the crack of a whip to soothing melodies and enhancing tastes can range from the hot and cold interplay of menthol to the sweet flavour of honey.

Incorporating all five senses into your sexual repertoire deepens arousal by exciting more areas of the brain and body and inspiring you to get creative in new and exciting ways.

And if you’re looking for a little extra tingle in the bedroom, be sure to check out Quiver by Astroglide, a water-based lubricant that provides a touch of extra playful sensation to enhance pleasure.