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September 29, 2021

Sex In Space: What Science Says

Can you have sex in space? Will floating around heighten the experience or detract from it? How do you deal with friction, finding your rhythm, and managing bodily fluids?

According to Sex Tech In Space, a report by Erobotics Research Consulting in partnership with pleasure brand, We-Vibe, there is a lack of research and a relatively hands-off approach to collecting data due to taboo and stigma.

But, many of the challenges faced in space may be related to a lack of gravity.

For example, dealing with floaties can be a challenge when you’re trying to find your groove and the expenditure of energy required to hold yourself in place can detract from energy better directed at cultivating pleasure. For those who enjoy sustained friction, there may be additional challenges as you’re forced to fight against the floaties.

We-Vibe Chorus in Space

Moreover, fluids can also be uniquely challenging in terms of containment. You likely don’t want them to float away for practical and hygienic regions. Although it might be erotic to observe it at first, no one likes sticky keys or walls.

There are, of course, creative solutions, but in the absence of open sharing with regard to experiences of sex in a spacecraft, we have a lot to learn.

To address the floaties, one might use restraints, harnesses, and ties if environment and set-up allow.

Sex toys can also address issues related to a lack of friction — especially toys that are hands-free like the We-Vibe Moxie, Jive, and Chorus.


Johanna Rief, Head of Sexual Empowerment at We-Vibe, notes that their product technology may be uniquely suited for sex in space. “Our toys can already be used by long-distance couples on Earth thanks to Bluetooth and our We-Connect app. We also developed haptic mechanics in the remote of our We-Vibe Chorus couple vibrator, which response to grip pressure to control vibration intensity.  With enough connectivity adaptations, there’s no reason a partner on Earth couldn’t control the toy of an astronaut on Mars and vice-versa through our app. We can’t wait to explore what our sex tech can do in space”.

Though we’re still not anywhere close to creating accessible space travel for the general public, sex in space is a subject worth addressing for those who continue to embark on exploration and research missions.

Erobotics suggests the following to make sex in space less taboo:

“Space agencies and the public supporting them need to be reminded that approaching questions of human sexuality from a good, scientific, empathetic, and inclusive perspective is paramount to our health, well-being, and the success of our extra-terrestrial life. They need to be reminded that:

We-Vibe Toys in Space

  1. Sexual health is health
  2. Sexual rights are human rights
  3. Sexuality means diversity
  4. Pleasure is fun and important
  5. Technology can help

For more info about Sex Tech In Space Study, click here.

And as always, if you’re shopping for We-Vibe toys, use DRJESS to save a few $ and so that they know you learned about them here. 🙂