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Sex with Dr. Jess


March 6, 2020

Core Erotic Feeling, Gang-Bangs & Spankings

Episode 149

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Award winning sex educator, Tristan Taormino, joins Jess to talk about spanking, gang bangs, eye candy, social justice and mind-f*cking.

Why you might want to attend Sex Down South this year…

  • How to reclaim the gang bang
  • The role of the gang bang “host”
  • How to discuss rules and boundaries before a group sex experience
  • Spanking rules and tools
  • The importance of understanding your core erotic feeling
  • The benefits of uncovering your elevated erotic feelings
  • The role of a service top
  • The appeal of the mind f*ck

If you purchase tickets to Sex Down South, use code SEXWITHDRJESS for 20% off!

Follow Tristan on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. Have a listen and check out Tristan’s podcast, Sex Out Loud.

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