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Sex with Dr. Jess


February 4, 2019

Sexuality Superheroes: Estrella Jaramillo

It’s time to feature another Sexuality Superhero! This week, our Sexuality Superhero is: Estrella Jaramillo. Estrella is a sexual health advocate who’s goal is to help women become more educated about sex, communication and intimacy. She is also the co-founder of B-wom. Happy reading!

Tell us a little bit about yourself, and why you decided to work in this industry?

I’ve always felt passionate about gender equality issues, and for women’s health and sexual equanimity are at the core of truly achieving equality. Women’s desires, sexuality and ambition have been oppressed as a means to control them and maintain the status quo. My work in the industry is my contribution to change this. When women have access to education, tools and resources to take care of their bodies, specifically their intimate health, they are empowered to always feel their best at every stage of life – A woman who fully owns her body, fully owns her life.

What is the best part of the job?

The part that I like the most about my work is to get the chance to advocate for women’s health at conferences, events and in the media. We need to increase the awareness about these taboo issues that women have suffered in silence for way too long!

Having the opportunity to meet with healthcare leaders and discuss pressing concerns in the fields of women’s intimate, maternal and sexual health. Also, getting to test the latest devices for women and meeting the coolest sex tech founders!

What are the most exciting trends you are seeing in the market?

I find it very interesting that there’s more products coming to the market addressing taboo subjects such as sexual dysfunctions and relationship problems. Both have a huge impact on a person’s overall wellbeing, yet we haven’t taken them seriously until recently. I’m particularly excited about all the toys and software products designed by women for women that are tackling the orgasm gap. Together we will change the underlying culture that dictates that women’s sexuality and pleasure is less important than the man’s.

What are the benefits of B-Wom?

B-wom is a digital coach that offers personalized programs for women’s health. We focus on prevention and early symptom management. Our users take a test and receive an evaluation and personalized care programs with habits, guided practices and exercises, tips, actionable recommendations, educational contents addressing their needs, and a tracking tool to see the evolution.

We believe that women need to understand their health at every different stage of life, from puberty to menopause, and have the tools and resources to feel their best. This has been proven to not only increase wellbeing, but also self-esteem and confidence!

What kind of results can users expect?

Users can find personalized programs for their symptoms, such as incontinence, recovery postpartum, but also plans aimed at increasing pleasure and getting to know their bodies. Knowing and experiencing your body builds up self-esteem and agency. Women in our platform have reported improvements to their symptoms after 2 weeks of regularly following our recommendations. Additionally, many report increase confidence!

Where can we learn more about your work?

Please, visit my Forbes column or connect with me on Instagram!

Estrella Jaramillo is the Cofounder of B-wom, the app for women’s intimate and sexual health. She is a passionate women’s health advocate and aims to eradicate the anxiety women suffer when it comes to their bodies and their intimate health, removing the stigma and the taboos around them and providing them with tools and resources to take control of their health journey.