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Sex with Dr. Jess


March 26, 2018

Online Dating Tips & Stats

Are you dating online? The infographic below reveals what’s research tells us about online daters — from average age to top pet peeves. Jess also shares a few of her tips for online dating below the graphic. Dating Infographic (1)


Here are a few tips for successful online dating:

1. Creep your “competition”. Although fellow daters aren’t technically your competition, reading through profiles of similar daters (e.g. people of the same gender, age, and region) will inspire you to craft a more effective profile. Questions to ask yourself: What do these profiles have in common? Do I want to avoid repetitive content (e.g. cliches)? What makes a profile stand out? How can I differentiate my profile?

2. Use your Twitter or Snap feed to populate your profile. It’s an accurate picture of your recent interests and activities. Share a few of your top tweets (without revealing your handle).

3. Ask your friends to write you a short (1-2 line) profile. Read their versions and use them to put together your profile content using your own words.

4. Check your body language. Research shows that poses in which your chest is open and/or your arms are outspread are rated as the most attractive. Other body language cues for your dates:

  • Check your date’s feet. Are they pointed directly at you even when you’re not face-to-face? This might be a sign of interest.
  • Do they mirror your body language? This may be a sign of approval and connection.
  • Do they lean in or away from you as you speak? Forward movement conveys genuine interest and attraction.
  • When they smile do their eyes smile too? Does the skin around the eyes crinkle? If so, it’s more likely a genuine smile.

5. Be as specific as possible when filling out your profile. For example:

General: I love adventure and am always seeking new experiences.

Specific: My last adventure involved a night out at a knife throwing range. I wasn’t a pro, but I had a blast.

General: I’m very active and want to find a partner who also enjoys the great outdoors.

Specific: I love mountain biking. Last week I discovered a new path up Mount Angelia.

General: I love food and am a great cook.

Specific: I love to cook. Right now you’ll find shrimp, avocado, homemade hot sauce and starfruit in my fridge

6. Let go of the soulmate myth. There is no such thing. You can live (almost) happily ever after with more than one of the other 7 billion people on this earth. Belief in fate is positively correlated with lower relationship satisfaction; belief in the need to work/grow is key to a happy relationship.

However you choose to date online, remember that it’s supposed to be FUN! Enjoy yourself. Laugh at and learn from the bad dates. Relish in the good ones — even if they don’t always lead to love.