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Sex with Dr. Jess


January 4, 2018

Unique Sex Positions To Try With Your Partner

New year, new sex positions! Expand your sexual horizons in the bedroom this year with a few new sex positions under your belt. I’ve provided some interesting sex positions below you can try tonight!

Why is it important/fun/exciting to switch up sex positions with your partner?

Humans are programmed to seek and be excited by variety, but when it comes to sex, we tend to repeat what works or lean on our go-to moves because we’re also programmed to avoid failure and rejection. When we push through this fear of rejection and challenge our comfort zones, we not only find excitement, but more intense fulfillment and passion.

Changing positions is a simple way to switch up your sexual routine and reignite the passion in a long-term relationship. It’s likely that new positions will lead to new discoveries. For example, you might incidentally reach orgasm from the stimulation of a different area or you might find that you have a different type of orgasm by activating a different nerve pathway.

The pelvic nerve transmits sensations from the vagina and cervix in women and the rectum and bladder in both men and women; the vagus nerve communicates signals from the cervix, uterus, and vagina bypassing the spinal cord; the pudendal nerve carries information from the clitoris, penis, and scrotum; the hypogastric nerve transmits data from the uterus, cervix, and prostate.These distinct nerve pathways illustrate the complexity of sexual response and the body’s capacity for orgasms of different types and intensities.


What are 5-6 sex positions that every woman should know about, whether they’re unique, increase pleasure, are cool, etc. Would love a brief explanation of what each sex position is and why a woman should try it.

The Snake: Both partners lie on their stomachs – one on top of the other. The bottom partner uses their body weight to grind against their pubic mound, which creates stroking and friction against the inner shaft of the clitoris. Many of the women I work with learn to orgasm in this position, as pulling on the skin of the pubic mound tugs on the hood of the clitoris with covers/surrounds the shaft.

The Sit On My Face: This one is simple. You simply sit on your partner’s face and get used to taking what you want. Many women struggle to receive pleasure, as we’re conditioned to please others before ourselves. In this position, your pleasure is paramount as you relax, grind and focus on our own pleasure.

Modified Reverse Cowgirl: Your partner lies on their back and you sit on top facing their feet. They bend their legs so that you can lean against their upper thighs for support and grind your clitoris against them for additional stimulation.

Modified Dog: Make traditional doggie-style more comfortable (and pleasurable) simply by piling pillows beneath you for added support. Burning calories doesn’t make sex hotter — when you’re physically comfortable, you’ll likely find that your sexual response is heightened, as you can relax and enjoy the sensations instead of worrying about holding yourself up or straining your muscles.

Rock Away: This is the perfect position for intimacy and connection. You sit facing one another and slide together so that you can maintain eye contact the entire time.