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Sex with Dr. Jess


June 29, 2017

Simple Summer Sex Tips Rooted in Science

We’ve waited all year for summer to roll around and it’s finally here! Take advantage of the beautiful weather and try out these simple sex tips to make it the best season yet!

Explore Hot & Cold Erogenous Zones

As your skin adapts to prolonged periods of heat, your sensitivity can decrease, but a little temperature play can reinvigorate your sensual response. The areas of the skin most sensitive to heat include the fingertips, nose and elbows while the upper lip, chin, nose, chest and fingers are more responsive to cold. Get creative this summer using warm oils, frozen grapes, popsicles or chilled champagne to add some well-timed temperature changes that will awaken your senses in the most erotic of ways.

Switch to Deodorant (as opposed to antiperspirant)

A little sweat can breathe new life into a stale sexual routine, as perspiring involves the secretion of powerful sexual chemicals known as pheromones. Not only do these subtle sexual catalysts send out signals to convey sexual desire and fertility, but science suggests that pheromones are associated with higher sex appeal, a boost in self-confidence, enhanced romantic relationships, heightened relaxation and an elevated mood. Just be sure to keep your sweet scent fresh, as the pheromones that are most attractive (e.g. androstenol) are those that are fresh as opposed to those that have been exposed to oxygen for a prolonged period of time.

Try the Sweet Sucker

Research shows that women whose sexual routine includes oral sex are more likely to have an orgasm (or two!) than those who engage only in intercourse, so why not try out some new moves this summer?

For the Sweet Sucker move, you simply open your mouth as wide as possible and press it into (and around) her vulva. Suck away and your twirl your tongue around the perimeter of your mouth and let all those juicy sucking sounds emanate freely. Good sex is almost always a little noisy and messy!

Try the Like a Prayer

11264246_407265296123029_1978199050_nSince summertime sex often involves taking sex on the road (e.g. a ride to the cottage or sneaking away for a stolen moment at a friend’s BBQ), hand jobs are the perfect travelling companion. Tuck a travel-sized lube pack in your pocket and try the Like a Prayer by positioning your hands in prayer position and sliding them from tip to base with your fingers always pointing toward the tip. Use a tight grip as you create suction between your palms and remember that wetter is better for this one!

Slow Down the Doggie

As the temperatures rise, your body’s movements naturally slow down, so take advantage of this in bed. Try the modified Leg-Up Doggie in which she lifts one leg up resting her knee against her partner’s outer hip and rock in slow motion to savour every movement.

Set Your Alarm 20 Minutes Early

As the days grow longer, so too do your business and social gatherings. From neighbourhood BBQs to lingering drinks on the patio, your evening routine often stretches into the wee hours of the night which inevitably cuts down on opportunities for sexy time in the bedroom. Plan ahead and take advantage of your morning hormone levels (and maybe even that morning wood!) by setting your alarm a few minutes early. Keep the curtains drawn and bury your morning breath in the pillow as you set the tone for a very good day. Research suggests that morning sex can elevate your mood, reduce stress and even boost your immunity.

Ride a Roller Coaster With Your Lover

Self-expansion theory suggests that the initial excitement and passion you experience in a new relationship is associated the rapid development of closeness involved in the early stages of dating.
b3e785a0-c411-4b0f-8980-18b80df19841This excitement inevitably declines as the relationship progresses, as you cannot continue to grow close at the same speed over longer periods of time. You can, however, reignite these feelings of excitement and passion by engaging in new, challenging and exciting activities together. As you fly through the open air at 80 miles an hour hand-in-hand with your lover, your passion can be reignited as you associate the thrill and excitement of the roller coaster ride with your loving relationship. If roller coasters simply aren’t your cup of tea, seek out any new and challenging activity (e.g. dancing, hiking, open-water swimming, travel) to reignite the spark.

Update Your Diet

If the formula for hot sex really was as simple as a few “sure-fire” techniques, I’d be a billionaire, but the reality is that lifestyle changes have a greater impact on your sex life than the Like a Prayer ever will. The good news is that you don’t have to overhaul your diet to see changes in your energy levels and libido; instead, start by making one commitment per week and do your best to stick to it. For example, you might want to commit to making your burger 25% smaller and replacing this portion with a grilled avocado which is believed to contain nutrients and vitamins that have a positive impact on the reproductive organs. Alternatively, you could trade in your croutons for toasted sesame seeds which contain zinc or almonds which are believed to boost libido. Even tiny changes can produce noticeable results when it comes to how you feel about your body.

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