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April 7, 2017

A Taoist Trick for Ladies’ Pleasure in Fellatio

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Note from Dr. Jess: In this post, guest blogger Kathryn Peterson, offers advice specific to women who perform oral sex on penises. Obviously, people of all genders can enjoy fellatio and female energy is not unique to people who identify as female; regardless of your gender identity, hopefully you can learn from and experiment with these visualization and energy techniques to enhance your sexual pleasure.

Fellatio is not just about men – I’ve learned that by using some ancient practices and new tricks, it can be a deeply intimate and pleasurable experience for both partners!

One of my favorite ways to ensure mutual pleasure during fellatio practice, is by cultivating female sexual energy. This is a Taoist technique that has a similar counterpart in Tantra.

In both systems, female sex energy begins at our breasts, flows down to our genitalia, and back up to our breasts. The breast is the female positive pole which symbolizes our strong heart center, while the groin is our negative pole which needs to be ‘warmed up’ by the male penis. The sex energy cycle is reversed for men, with the groin as their positive pole, and heart center as their negative pole. This is the yin-yang.

The Taoist technique for sex energy cultivation asks us to reverse the typical pattern of sex energy: rather than sex energy flowing in through our breast and out through the groin, we practice bringing sex energy in through the groin and out through the breast.

During fellatio, you can practice visualizing the recirculation of sex energy. On your inhale, imagine the breath filling up your pelvic floor. On your exhale, imagine the breath leaving through your nipples. Not only does this help to regulate the breath during fellatio (which can be crucial for deep throating), but it builds your own arousal during fellatio.

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One of my favorite yoga poses for sex energy cultivation during fellatio is the Puppy Pose. It is similar to a basic Child’s Pose, but with the legs bent at a ninety degree angle. Laying across your partner in the Puppy Pose not only relaxes the neck for deep throat practice, but your groin will be perfectly positioned for him to pleasure you by hand. His added stimulation to your own sex energy cultivation is sure to manifest a storm of fellatio passion for both of you!

image1This post was written by Kathryn Peterson of Yoga For Intimacy. Visit her website for more on her guide, ‘Yoga for Fellatio: Manifesting Your Power of Pleasure”, and her upcoming Yoga For Fellatio Workshop in NYC: