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Sex with Dr. Jess


May 5, 2015

VIDEO: Tiger & Lindsey Break Up. How Can Busy Couples Make It Work?

In light of Woods and Vonn’s breakup, Jess shares specific tips for maintaining a happy relationships despite our hectic lifestyles. Check out the video or read through the quick summary below.

Tips for busy couples:

1. Say “no” to social and professional commitments when you can. Ask yourself if commitments and their expected outcomes will matter to you when you’re 88 years old. If not, say “no” and divert the time toward the person (or people) who will matter at the age of 88.

2. Block off time to be alone and be sure to write it down in your agendas. Some of the busiest couples in the world schedule one weekend alone per month 6 months in advance without exception. You can do it too. If they run into conflicts (e.g. weddings), they pull out their agendas and reschedule to ensure that 12 weekends per year are reserved for one another.

3. Travel together for business once in awhile. Add one day to your business trip for pleasure.

4. Learn to “speak” one another’s Love Languages so that the quality time you spend together, however limited, includes loving communication.

5. Plan for your relationship as you would a business with regular check-ins to address issues before they become problematic.

6. Work out together. The endorphins, adrenaline and testosterone will help to reignite the spark.

7. Touch often. Take 60 seconds a day to snuggle, hug or kiss — try it for a week even if it seems silly, as touch promotes chemical changes that foster bonding. This is especially important if you spend a good deal of time apart.