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Sex with Dr. Jess


December 10, 2014

Dr. Jess talks vagina facts and sad songs on The Fearless Fred Show

Dr. Jess in the 102.1 The Edge Studio with Fearless Fred and Melani Mariani

Dr. Jess at The Edge studioToday at 9:10a.m. EST, Dr. Jess took to the radio waves on 102.1 The Edge to explain how vaginas are like umbrellas, how long pubic hairs live for, and other interesting lady business facts. She also talked to Fred and Mel about sad songs and why we love them so much after a break up and even how they make us happy!

If you missed out, Dr. Jess will be on The Edge again next week at 9:10a.m. EST. Until then, you can catch up on what you missed today right here!