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Sex with Dr. Jess


November 16, 2012

3 Ways To Seduce Your Woman

3 ways to seduce your woman

What do all great lovers have in common? They are masters of seduction and they know it. Confidence may be key to seducing your lover, but you can also pick up a few tips and tricks along the way to keep her coming back for more. Try out these seduction approaches and let us know how it goes!

Compliment Her

You want to have sex with her, right? Then tell her! Let her know that she is the object of your desire and ply her with compliments. Telling her that she looks good won’t suffice. You need to seduce her by describing in detail everything you like about her. Think about all five senses and compliment glow of her skin, the scent of her hair, the taste of her lips, the beauty of her curves and the sweet sound of her breath. Be an animal and let her know just how badly you want to get between her legs…and cater to her every need.

Be Aggressive

Sometimes a poke in the backside or a half-hearted “Wanna do it?” just won’t cut it for a woman who craves seduction. Did I say sometimes? I meant all of the time. Come on folks!

The anticipation of being seduced is one of the greatest aphrodisiacs, but all that sexual energy comes to a grinding halt if your lover lacks enthusiasm and confidence. While initiating sex should be a shared responsibility, if tonight is your night then embrace it with passion! Be aggressive by holding her by the hair as you kiss her or pull out a few silk ties to strap her wrists to the bedposts. Give her a chance to be submissive and play up your role as the aggressor.
Touch Slowly

If being aggressive isn’t your style or you simply want to switch it up for a change, then slowing things down may be the perfect addition or complement to your sexual repertoire.

When we are excited we have a tendency to rush into things. We start grabbing and kneading and sucking and fingering without giving our bodies a chance to ease into the natural sexual response. By slowing things down, you allow the tension to build as the blood rushes to her most sensitive regions and they start yearning for more of what you’ve got to offer.

Try circling her outer breasts with a feather-light touch using the backs of your fingers and very gradually working your way inward toward her nipples. Breathe over them with warm, open lips and lick them with only the tip of your tongue. After a few minutes, your teasing will work her into a frenzy and her sensitivity will increase to new heights as you eventually sink your body into hers. Delayed gratification is an compelling tool of seduction, so never underestimate the power of teasing her body and slowing things down.

Until next time, have fun, experiment and always practice safer sex!