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July 10, 2012

Summer Sex Bucket List

Summer sex bucket list

From iVillage Canada:

Turn up the heat this summer by crossing these sizzling hot sexcapades off of your bucket list! Use our ideas as inspiration to create your own sexy list this season and let us know how it plays out. Sharing is caring! However you decide to experiment during the upcoming steamy months, be sure to practice safer sex and be mindful of your local laws. Conjugal visit sex may sound exciting, but staying-out-of-jail sex sounds even hotter.

When I chat with my brave clients with regard to the hottest place they’ve ever had sex, balconies always top the list. Unlike beaches, elevators and public bathrooms, “balcony sex offers the perfect balance of thrill and safety,” explains Human Sexuality Specialist, Reece Malone.

You’re exposed to the world, but you can always run inside if your nosy neighbour pops up out of nowhere. Try it at night by candlelight to ensure that you have some degree of privacy and feel free to wear something sexy if you’re hesitant to bare all on the balcony.

You can experiment with different positions and…

Click here to read on about positions, outdoor sex, en-route sex and the rest of our summer sex bucket list…