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Sex with Dr. Jess


October 25, 2009

Have Better Sex With Condoms

Better sex with condoms

Research out of the UK indicates that more women are opting to use condoms as their primary method of contraception. This is great news! Not only do condoms reduce the risk of unplanned pregnancies, but they also offer significant protection against HIV and sexually transmitted infections.

But condoms are not only important in terms of safety. They also enhance pleasure! Men who wear condoms can benefit from slightly harder, larger erections. Condoms can function like a cock-ring to constrict blood and trap it inside the penile shaft and keep it firm. Accordingly, they can also help men to last longer (in an erect state) during a hot and heavy sex session, which works out well for those guys who have partners who may take longer to finish off. This also benefits men who often experience intensified orgasmic response with prolonged sex play. For those looking for a little more stimulation, you can put a bit of water-based lube in the tip of the condom to enhance sensation.

Condoms can also increase sexual enjoyment for women, as they now come with a variety of options including ribbing, bumps and other features designed for pleasure. Some even come with a vibrating ring that can strengthen both the male and female sexual response and there are lots of fun ways to put on a condom. Using your mouth to place it on the tip of the penis and your tongue and lips to roll it down the shaft is not only super sexy, but also very easy to do. If you feel intimidated at first, try it out on a carrot or dildo. The women at my workshops are always surprised at the ease with which they are able to perform this sensual technique. And don’t think you need to come up for air as soon as the rubber has made its way down the rod. While you’re down there, feel free to explore a little and have some fun.

When using condoms, be sure to use lots of water-based lube to reduce friction and intensify pleasure. We love Aqualaria’s eco-friendly, organic brand that is produced in Canada. Lubricant is another sexy and safer part of sex that can be used and applied in an infinite number of fun and erotic ways. Try lubing up their manhood with your hands, mouth, breasts or face and see where the exploration leads you. Take turns at this and let them apply lube to all of your erogenous zones using creative parts of their body. Be creative, experiment and always practice safer sex.

If you’re in the market for something to please the penis, vulva, nipples, back, neck or any other erogenous zone, be sure to check out and use code DRJESS15 to save when checking out!